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Proper Selections

Proper x Sturt Doinks Tips

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Tip color: Yellow

We present to you the finest glass tip smoking experience on planet Earth bar none; the NEW & IMPROVED Proper Tip 2.0

Designed and produced exclusively by @pfglassworks 
Here’s what we updated:
1️⃣ Airflow: More airflow (but not too much) and less clogging towards the end of the doink while continuing to avoid the large channel down the middle, which is known to let those pesky scooby snacks slip past. Additionally, we've also doubled the amount of smaller channels from 7 to 14. Now both issues are solved!
2️⃣ Bigger Sizes: In our last design, the most common sizes were 9s and 10s, yet the most desired were 11s through 13s. With our new design, 9’s are almost extinct, 10’s are rare, and the majority are now 11-13, with even bigger one-off sizes ranging between 14-17mm!
3️⃣ Defects: In the last few runs of the old design, we had some issues with slanted cuts and drastic cones. @pfglassworks has just invested a lot into all new machinery making these cuts for a now perfectly, straight cut every time. And while every tip has some degree of taper, the new design tends to be far less coned.