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Proper Selections

Elements King Size Rolling Papers

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As Doink smokers, we know how hard it is to find the ever elusive element king size wide (not the slim), as well as how easy it is to accidentally buy knock offs, so we made it our mission to become an authorized retailer of them! This is the only paper we use, so it is the only paper we sell. This fits up to a size 13MM tip, even some 14mm cylindrical tips.

Elements Rolling Papers are made from earths plants grown in natures true soil. They burn with almost zero ash and use a natural tree-sap Acacia gum. The earthly result? One of the best rolling papers known to man.

Elements rolling paper are also crafted in Spain with renewable energy including wind and solar. The final production for these beautiful papers takes place in a small region of Spain in the tiny hamlet of Benimarfull, in the mountains north of Alicante, Spain where rolling papers were invented.