About Us

Proper Selections is a private, members only delivery that focuses solely on quality of the smoking experience. Bag appeal, terps, and test results mean absolutely nothing to us if the flower doesn’t smoke well. If you purchase based on those criteria, this may not be the place for you.

When we say “But how does it smoke?” This is what we are looking for:


  1. Flavor Accuracy: How accurately does the smoke taste like the weed smells?

  2. Flavor purity: How pure is the flavor? Is there any background noise of smoke, tar, or ash taste? And other foreign tastes that shouldn’t be there?

  3. Flavor Presence: How present are the terps in the smoke? Are you having to look for them, or are they overwhelming your palette? Are they thin shallow terps that come and go, or are they thick, “syrup textured” terps that coat your whole palette for some time after smoking?

  4. Flavor Longevity: How long does the flavor accuracy, purity, and pretense last?

  5. Smoothness: how smooth is the smoke? Is it a thin, hollow, unsubstantial smooth that doesn’t feel like you’re getting anything from? Or is it a thick, medicinally substantial, soothing smooth that almost feels good to inhale and exhale? Or is it not smooth at all? Do you feel hotness on your throat? Abrasiveness or sharpness on your throat? Stinging on your tonsils or nasal tract? Is the smoke making you reach for water or cough a lot? Are your lungs irritated afterward? There are many levels of harsh, as well as many levels of smooth. There can be a presence of something soothing and smooth, or just an absence of something harsh.

  6. Longevity of smoothness: how long is the smoke smooth and enjoyable? (Assuming you take care of your palette properly)

  7. Ash color: We simply notice the ash color because we believe it has a correlation to the ultimate experience. There are many different types of “white ash” that can mean a variety of different things, but we have noticed that the absolute best of the best regarding all the above criteria tend to have a very soft, smooth, sandcastle structure with a very specific type of white, across many different strains. Ashes can be strain specific but when grown to smoke well, you can tell right away, and many strains can be grown to smoke well. While it’s rare to be perfect, it’s a good goal to strive for as we have noticed an insanely strong correlation to weed that properly and fully combusts, and maximum flavor and smoothness. Bad weed can also burn white, but good weed can’t be fully enjoyed unless it’s combusting properly.

We are two Connoisseurs who overpaid for hype weed that smoked bad one too many times, which made us want to help define quality and become an opinion that true connoisseurs can trust. We feel like the connoisseur community needs a standard that real elite weed can be held to consistently. We have no revenue goal, we just want to be the most trusted curators in California, and earn the blind trust of even the pickiest connoisseur. We may not have a big menu, but we have personally smoked every single strain and batch that we bring on this menu, and we stand behind it.